Heisey Orchid etch 9" Bowl, Waverly blank
made 1940-57.  No chips, cracks or flake, $35

Cambridge Diane 12" oval two handle, four footed bowl.  No chips cracks or flakes, $85

Nippon cobalt with gold biscuit barrel.  3-footed 81/2" tall, $145

Cambridge gold encrusted Portia etch 3-part relish 6 1/2", $45

Cambridge Roselyn etch 10 oz. water goblet. Stem 3121. No chips cracks flakes, $15

Cambridge Rosepoint Mayo, under plate, & ladle.  #3900/129. No chips cracks or flakes. Excellent condition, $65

Cambridge Wildflower bread plate  61/4"  Three available, $10

Button and Bows baby carriage, Topaz blue 6 1/4" long, $14.95

Cambridge Cleo etch center handle sandwich tray, Peach Blo color 11", Excellent condition. $65

Cambridge Amethyst nude cocktail. Four available Excellent condition, $175 each

Cambridge Crown Tuscan seashell line 6" candy box. No chips cracks or flakes. Excellent Condition, $45

Fostoria Baroque 3-part celery, Chintz etch, 12".  Excellent condition. $35

Cambridge Rosepoint 3400 flared square bowl, 12" four footed.  No chips cracks flakes
Excellent condition,  $85

Cambridge Rosepoint keyhole two lite candleholders, Excellent condition, $95

Theodore Haviland Frontenac pattern octagon bowl with two handles.  10 23/4"
Excellent condition, $34.95 

Cambridge Diane etch two part relish 7" two handle. Excellent condition, $25

Cambridge Apple Blossom etch tall sherbet #3130 stem. Excellent condition 4 available, $17 each

Cambridge Rosepoint Bon Bon dish.  6 1/2". Marked, $35

Cambridge Chantilly etch 6 oz. tall sherbet. 3775 stem. 4 available, $15 each

Cambridge Portia etch 2-part mayo w/plate and ladle  Excellent condition, $65

Heisey Rose low sherbet, stem #5072, 9 available, Excellent condition, $15 each

Cambridge keyhole ivy vase, 7" tall, Amber bowl crystal base #1066,
Like new condition no chips cracks or flakes. No cloudiness, $40

Theodore Haviland Frontenac pattern 11" platter.  Excellent condition, $34.95

Cambridge Cut Rose flared bowl with candleholder. 12" wide with three feet, $55

Heirloom Glass offers an impressive selection of antique and vintage glassware from Cambridge, Fostoria, Heisey, Haviland, Nippon, Carnival and other respected names. 

Cambridge Diane etch 7" two handle bonbon. Marked with "C" in triangle Excellent condition, $25

Cambridge Chantilly  3900/136 gold trim low comport 5 1/2" tall, no gold loss, $45

Cambridge Arm with four candleholders. Nappies sold separately. $35 

Carnival glass cream & sugar excellent condition. $17.95

Cambridge Rosepoint 2-lite candlestick, 5 1/2" Martha #495, $45

Nippon Bowl with ladle, hand painted, both marked, $19.95

Cambridge  Diane 12" round flared bowl, three toed. Excellent condition, $75

Fostoria American pattern square pedestal vase. 6 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" across top. Excellent condition.  $30

Cambridge Portia Cream & Sugar 4" tall, $35

Cambridge  Light Emerald, Apple Blossom etch, five part celery relish dish 12". No chips cracks
Some wear on outside bottom, $64.95

Cambridge Rosepoint etch 6 oz. tall sherbet. 3121 stem. 8 available Excellent condition, $18 each

Cambridge 11" Gold Krystol, Gold Encrusted, Center-Handle Tray, Portia Pattern, $130

Cambridge (marked) Wildflower  #851 Ice Bucket with chrome handle. No chips cracks flakes.  Excellent condition, $140

Cambridge Diane etch cream and sugar 3900/41.  Marked with "C" in triangle
Excellent condition,  $45

Cambridge Diane etch 3 oz. tall sherbet. 3122 stem Excellent condition, $15

Theodore Haviland Frontenac pattern oval China bowl. 9 1/2"  Like new condition, $34.95

Cambridge Portia etch two-part relish 7 1/4",  $40

Cambridge Portia two-handle footed dish, $40

Mayo with Underplate, Pink with Black & Gold Trim, $29.95

Cambridge Elaine Pattern 5-part relish bowl, 12", 2-handle, excellent condition, $55

Cambridge Wildflower two handle divided relish dish 8" from handle to handle. No chips cracks or flakes Excellent condition, $35

Cambridge Rosepoint tall comport 3122 stem,

Haviland Apple Blossom pattern cup and saucer.

Call for details about other pieces. Excellent condition, $16.95

Cambridge Chantilly etch cream & sugar with Wallace sterling silver base, $40

Fostoria Americana 10.5" Underplate, $55

Candlewick Tumblers. 5 1/2" tall, Gold Rim,  Sold as Set of Six only, $29.95

Cambridge Diane etch single candleholder 3 1/2",  $35

Cambridge Diane etch pickle dish 7" two handle. Excellent condition, $25

Cambridge Diane 8" salad plate. Three available, $12

Cambridge Diane etch three-part celery or relish dish 12".  #3900/126.Excellent condition. $50

Cambridge Diane etch 5 1/2" low comport. #3900/136  Excellent condition, $40

Avon Red Cape Cod Pitcher, 8" Tall, $29.95

Cambridge Peach-Blo, Majestic Etch, 13" Bowl, Marked with "C" in Triangle, Very old pattern listed in 1930 catalog, very few made.
No chips, cracks or flakes. Some small flea bites around inside bottom, $55

Cambridge Rosepoint  #3400/1180 bonbon bowl, 

6 1/2". No chips cracks or flakes. Like new condition. Two-handled, , $35

Cambridge Amber decagon shaped salad plates, marked with C in triangle. 8" wide, $10 each.

Cambridge Rosepoint etch 13" rolled edge 3-footed plate #3900/33
Excellent condition. $75

Three Cambridge nappies 5" across. (Arm sold separately), $15

Cambridge Portia etch, Gold Krystol, Gold Encrusted 12" flared,4-footed bowl. Excellent condition, $150

Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book Fashion on China Plates

Learn more about Godey's Ladies at AntoinetteHall.com

Cambridge Portia etch low sherbet 4 1/2", $14.99

Cambridge 3011 nude stem Amethyst comport.  No chips cracks or crazing. Excellent condition, $265

Heisey Rose etch 12" bowl. Excellent condition, $45

Fostoria  Topaz Baroque 3-part relish dish, $25

Cambridge Crown Tuscan shell line, 8" oval shape, 3 footed. Decorated with Charleston
Roses created by Abels, Wasserman & Co., New York. The line was introduced in 1938.
Some wear to gold trim which shows in photo, $65

Nippon cobalt and gold oval decorative bowl. 61/2" long, $24

Cambridge peach-Blo gold trim Majestic etch 11" bowl Excellent condition, $65