Meet J.B. and Juanita Stovall, owners,

Heirloom Glass and Gifts

Our Story

Juanita and J.B. Stovall are proud to be members of the Lynnville and Giles County, Tennessee, business community. 

Members of the Giles County Chamber of Commerce

National ​Cambridge Collectors Inc.

Lynnville BusinessAssociation

After raising our daughters, we sold our home, stored our belongings and traveled together for six years until retirement from the pipeline industry. We pursued our passion for antiquing and collecting during this period. 

While searching for some replacement pieces for sets of inherited Cambridge and Fostoria crystal, we discovered the Cambridge Collectors Club, a group of former employees who started the club after Cambridge went out of business. They started a museum in Cambridge, Ohio, and were successful in buying up all the molds used by the company to make their glassware.


Learning that Cambridge glass could never be reproduced intrigued us and started us on a journey to collecting various patterns of their etchings. That collection along with other antiques we found make up our inventory of antique and vintage glassware at Heirloom Glass.

We've added a variety of gifts and collectables that compliment our antiques. Come visit us.


Welcome Inside Heirloom Glass and Gifts,

​Lynnville, Tennessee


Juanita's love of stained glass seemed a perfect fit with the collecting of antiques, 

since stained glass has been treasured and passed down through the years as heirlooms.  She now will create you your own individual heirloom stained glass 

or teach you how to do it yourself. 

Heirloom Glass opened in Summer 2015